Online Trading Simplified

In order to secure financial transactions that are Cryptocurrency is used. They do not have any central control. Decentralized currencies work with by creating distributed ledger technology more specifically can be called blockchain that serves as a public financial transaction database.

Derrick Simmons a highly respected and adored expert in cryptocurrency developed what is called the crypto code system and launched on the internet which has now become increasingly used by several online traders across the world.

Accepted across the world barring a few countries and also in few countries allowed but with the knowledge for what the user is using this for. This is nothing but a virtual currency which is not regulated by any central agency or Government but on peer to peer basis by the users of these currencies. These transactions do find a way into some of the countries. Anyone dealing in such currencies will have to first see whether this is permitted in their respective country and also they should use it only for the purpose that is legal and not come under the purview of money laundering.

Who can use Cryptocode

Traders need to login to their website and do trading in cryptocurrency and it is hassle-free. Even while traveling one can operate and trade and the only requirement is a stable internet connection. Before going in for the trading, please check this out in detail on the Internet for further information.


  • It is user-friendly. Does not require much trading knowledge to operate
  • It is compatible with any browser
  • No download required
  • Minimum investment of USD 250 one can start

Comparison with olden Banking  Process

Banking process is more safe and convenient. Bank caters to different sectors. Individuals, Business and Overseas Banking. The bank always encouraged walk-in customers. Customers were given Passbook and cheque leaves.  If a cheque was presented in banks for clearance it took weeks time for clearance. Even all the process of the walking to branch for deposits and withdrawals seems time consuming were safe for both customers and Bank.  Banking process is more simplified now.

Now we have ATM’s (Any time Money) everywhere people can go at their convenience and do withdrawals, Deposits and even cheque clearance. Bank has Internet Banking where fund transfers can be done within few minutes to persons anywhere in the world. Even though a lot of easy and convenient process is been added in the banking Regulations always there is Fraudster working to cheat the process and overcome in that.  We have come across ATM Fraud where Fraudster Skim the card and get the PIN Nos and do Fraudulent transactions. It sounds that the earlier Banking process was Safe. New Financial process is taking a lead as the earlier methods have some other Loopholes.