Guidelines For a Beginner In Share Trading

There are thousands of people who take part in share trading and are quite successful in the field of trading.  The outcome being profitable is not a matter of luck, but the application of simple principles which have been derived from the experiences of the investors over a period of time.

However, in the case of trading of digital currencies, anyone can trade without much preparation as there are many automated trading software’s which is capable of taking calculated decisions on their own using mathematical algorithms.  But be cautious about the fraudulent software’s that have come up in the market.  Aurora mine is one such software that is just a scam and you can read the reviews here.

Below mentioned are few pointers one should keep in mind while doing trading in shares.

Pointers to keep in mind

Set goals for long-term- Before you make the investment, you need to know the purpose of investing and the timeline in which you need the funds.  Go for investment in shares only if you don’t need the funds in short-term as the market is volatile and it is not certain that you will be able to get back the amount invested with profit in short period of time.

The growth of the portfolio depends on the following factors:

  • The capital you have invested
  • The net annual earnings you gain from the capital
  • Period of investment

Understand your tolerance to risk- Risk tolerance is the investor’s psychological trait which is influenced by income, education and wealth. As these things increase, your tolerance to risk to increases.  Also, when you gain more knowledge about the investment strategies, the risk tolerance will increase as you are more confident in investing and your decision will not be based on fear.  Once you understand your tolerance to risk, you can avoid those investments that will make you anxious.

Diversify the investments- You need to conduct proper research to quantify the risk.  The popular way to manage the risk is by diversifying your investment portfolio.  For instance, if you have shares of five different companies in different sectors which you are expecting to grow.  But the circumstances might change in the future.  By the end of a year, you might have one or two company’s shares which have not have grown as expected.  But others would have outperformed. Since you have not put all your money in a single company, you will not face any loss.


The Basic Difference Between Trading And Investing

People’s main motive to make money and they adapt to different ways to earn them. Trading and investing are two different ways to earn a profit in financial markets. Few people would be interested to trade and earn money while other’s aim would be an only investment.


Trading basically involves frequent selling and buying of commodities, stocks, currencies or any other financial instruments with the aim to generate returns which will outperform the buy-and-hold investing. While the investors are content with earning 10 to 15% as an annual return, the traders expect to earn 10% returns on their funds every month.

The profits in trading are generated usually through buying the asset at a low price and within a short timeframe, these assets will be sold at a high price.  Also, the traders make a profit by selling the asset at a high price and then buy it back when the price goes down. This is called as selling short.  Trading of cryptocurrencies is much easier to earn a profit as the market is volatile and the efficient auto-robots that are available in the market are quite helpful in giving you assistance with trading.  Since the market is gaining wide popularity and many people are coming towards to take part in the market, many scams and fake software’s have cropped up. Be careful of those like aurora mine which are fraudulent ones and are not helpful in any way.

Often the traders employ the technical analysis tools like stochastic oscillators and moving averages to find out the high-profitability setups of trading. There are different trading styles the traders adopt and the style is depended on the holding period or timeframe in which the financial instruments are traded. They are broadly classified into:

  • Position trader
  • Swing Trader
  • Scalp trader
  • Day trader


People who are into investment are aiming towards building wealth gradually over a long period of time through the process of buying and holding the financial instruments like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.  Investors are able to enhance the profits through the process of compounding or by reinvesting the dividends and profits in additional stocks. These instruments are held for decades and they take the advantage of perks such as dividends, interest, etc.

The markets keep fluctuating, but the investors will able to manage the down trends as the prices are expected to rebound and recover the losses eventually. The major concerns of investors are the market fundamentals like management forecasts and earnings or price ratios.

As you Decide to Start your First Small Scale Business: Know The Strict Liabilities Imposed On Cosmetics Industry

As you Decide to Start your First Small Scale Business: Know The Strict Liabilities Imposed On Cosmetics Industry

As the term ‘cosmetics’ are silently pronounced as the ‘mild poisoning compounds’, strict rules and procedural regulations are kept on its importation. People have made it a tricky and false marketing business to earn instant money as people generally fall for these items. TheAurora Mine businesses are such scams that produce low quality cosmetic products.

Policies on cosmetic import and sale

The common responsibilities of importers of the cosmetics and the actions if seen misappropriate includes

  • The importers must ensure the elemental quality and the substance liability for cosmetics.
  • They should be well-prepared to take the obligation for these transported cosmetics through the detailed analysis and safety measures.
  • Further, they must check the perfumes and Deo’s with the provisions of Pressurized Gas Safety Act.
  • If under any circumstance, the Customs Tariff Act forbids any misrepresentation in the name of the brand and other banned copies, such articles are readily subjected to elimination or devastation at the customs office itself.
  • The cosmetic traders are even obliged to immoral penalties which include charges and even lifelong detention.

With regard to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act,

  • Whatever scene with the cosmetic transportation, the trader should collect the legal license for distributing cosmetics.
  • All the cosmetic-related companies should gain a license even though they do not possess their own manufacturing unit.
  • The license owned by the primary distributor is liable to renewal in every five years.
  • Moreover, the products should pass the GQP standards or the Good Quality Products and the GVP or the Good Vigilance practice. A dedicated marketing supervisor should be kept for checking these standards.
  • The cosmetics providers are required to register with the corporation and is needed to present his medical certificates. Along with this, he needs to present the marketing employee contract, the structural plan of his office and its storage area and so on.

In addition to all these, the basic ingredient lists used for the cosmetic making are needed to be presented along to verify whether this item contains any banned combination that results in prolonged diseased state or even death of a human being.

A Comparison of the major traders of this chemical cosmetic products

According to the Euro International market research, the beauty industry profit in the small population area of the Middle East and Africa accounted for about $27.5 billion in the year 2017 whereas the Asian market profit was almost as huge as $121 billion in the same year.

In this beauty race, people never care for their health but feel incomplete without makeup!


Reasons for Price Hike in Cosmetic Industry?

Reasons for Price Hike in Cosmetic Industry?

Have you ever been struck by your favorite celebrity endorsing the perfume brands? Or this person itself is a beauty entrepreneur who handles more than three bestselling fragrance products?

Traditionally, perfumes were referred to as the aroma or the essence obtained from different flowers and fruits. But now, smelling nice has turned out to be a big and profitable business. Moreover, your beloved perfumes are not coming from nature, rather it coming straightway from the chemical laboratories and is made out of synthetic molecules as per the interest of scam companies like Aurora Mine.

Perfumes also referred to as the ‘eau de cologne’ and the deodorants that are available in different shades and even comes in quality bottles of various shapes and size. These can be directly applied to the skin or can be sprayed for the result of the lasting essence.

Know the hidden profit margins of perfumes

The most shocking fact about these perfumes is that their profit margins are really high and can go up to almost 90 percent. Even the latest technology smartphones hold a profit of 50 percent which is much lower compared to the perfume business. However, the interesting point in this profit scheme is that the liquescent in perfume bottle form only 2 to 3 percent of the rate. The rest of the price is parted for packing, other related overhead charges and largely for marketing purpose.

Reasons for this price hike

The posh scent companies always make a huge profit margin and there are three basic reasons for this doing which includes

  1. As a means of reward for the dedicated intellectual work and its outcome. It is no more an unknown element that a company directly or indirectly invest in the Research and Development sector to promote the chances of formulating new products and obtaining a patented tag for being unique and special when compared to its competitors.


  1. The secondary cause is due to the funding required in crossing the robust and resilient barrier of entry mainly due to the economics of differential scaling or undesirable agreements with the leading suppliers and distributors.


  1. The third reason points to the investment made exclusively in reaching out to the mainstream of the competitive marketing field and showing off its superiority so that the specific item gains in the eyes of its retailers and users.

After all, who could collect almost 750 kg of jasmine flowers for producing less than a kilogram of essential oil? This is really a tiring job.





Tips To Help You Find The Most Suitable Term Insurance Plan


Activities like trading can help you meet your immediate financial goals. There are some trading strategies that can help you prolong your term as well. Understand the method you adopt to understand when you would be able to use the money you invest and the types of risks involved. Trading bots like the Bitcoin Code software come with a prewritten code that performs market analysis. The funds in your account are traded by the bot. You would be able to obtain a lot of assistance very easily when it comes to investments in general. But given that the options are many it might end up being a tough choice to make. This is not just the case with the profits oriented investments. There is financial security based investments like insurance. Term insurance, for example, is the most popular one. There are several types of term insurance plans and plenty of insurance companies offering them as well. The plan that works for one investor might not be the best choice for another investor. So here are a few tips to ensure that you pick the one that is most suitable for you.

  1. Understand the financial needs of the family

The family’s financial needs depend on factors like the number of people, the number of dependents, the city where the investor lives and other such factors. The sources of income that can be expected at any stage in the absence of the investor is another factor that is to be remembered.

  1. Target the expenses of future rather than the income of the present

Your current income might be restricting you from spending more on investments. But follow reverse budgeting or any such strategy that helps you reduce the current expenses and work towards investing as much as possible. The expenses that the family might have to face in future in the absence of the investor would be the most important factor to help decide the premium and the term based on which the assured funds to be distributed would vary.

  1. Claim settlement ratio

Look for those insurance policies come with flexible options to collect the disbursement. Definitely, the family would not have to be put through the tedious process for collection. The plans that come with a higher claim settlement ratio would be the best option to pick. This means that the company makes it easy for the claimers to get the settlements done on time.

Become a professional trader today!


Many people want to trade and experience trading but unsure of where and when to start. Even if they begin trading, many walk out at the first instance when they face loss. Trading is not a concept that can be learned in a day. One must give their full potential to become a successful trader. Trading always revolves with the change. Every day is a new beginning and learning when it comes to trade. If you wish to be a successful trader, this is the right time to learn the below aspects.

1) Learn the basics: Learning the basics marks the foundation for trading. A good understanding of the fundamentals shall support a trader in his entire trading career. Learning the basics including understanding the trading terminology, the way the market functions, price movements, the common reasons for price movements, knowing the trading hours, how to monitor trading, trading platforms, working of the exchanges etc. This would certainly take time. However, a thorough knowledge of these concepts is essential for a trader.

2) Take courses: While, trading terminology can be learned by continuously following the market, try reading financial magazines, newspapers, trading books, blogs, forums etc. There are thousands of online trading courses offered by top-rated institutions at a reasonable cost. It is worth taking online courses if you wish to learn trading intricacies. When studying, try to cover all aspects. Never focus on one particular aspect of the trading game. Your learning at this stage would serve you many opportunities in the future. Every day, spare some time for trading and keep yourself updated with the trading news.

  1. Self-evaluation: Studying the basic concept of trading is not enough to become a successful trader. Learn to analyze the concept you read. Question yourself and see if you can get answers to such questions. Self-evaluation is the key learning for a trader. The main aspect that you need to learn in a trading is the price chart, pattern, calculation of trend, technical analysis, applying various techniques based on the circumstances etc. While we have trading software like the Bitcoin Code software that calculates trend analysis, monitor price movements and executes the trade on user’s behalf, it is highly essential that a trader understand these aspects as one cannot rely on the results of an automated software.
  2. Practice trading: There are online demo accounts created exclusively for beginners. Log in to the demo account and practice trade. This would give you confidence in trading and an opportunity to react to the market movements. As the market is highly volatile and riskier, it is advisable that you practice trading using the demo accounts or with the experienced trader before independently opening a trading account.

Trading is all about ups and downs. It is said, “Rome was not built in a day”. Similarly, trading is not a job that can be learned in a day. Start slowly and learn trading gradually to achieve success in the market.



Easy Ways To Earn Money With No Cost

Easy Ways To Earn Money With No Cost

Startups cost of training, equipment, infrastructure, etc and it can be a barrier to many people who wish to earn money doing something on their own.  However, you should not get disheartened; there are many options for people who have a desktop, internet access with a digital camera to start working from home. You should analyze your skill sets, interest and inclinations before you do any kind of investment in the job. Listed below are few options one could choose from and you are required to pick the option where your interest lies so that you can wholeheartedly work in the project.

Ways to earn money

Transcriptionist- To be a transcriptionist the equipment required are word processing software, computer, internet access and headphones.  If you possess all these things, then there is no cost involved to be a transcriptionist. The skills required are:

  • You should be an accurate and fast typist
  • Possess basic skills in computer like to be able to download files, attaching files to email, convert the word processing files to other formats etc.

Online trading of digital currencies- This is a new market that has come into existence only a few years back. But it has been able to gain popularity day by day and has been able to make people rich within few days. There is trading software available online to assist you with trading. You just need to log into the official website of the software to conduct trading. But be careful about which software you choose. Aurora mine is fake trading software which loots money from the people and you can read about it here. Beware of the scams in the industry and choose only those software’s that got good reviews and a proven track record.

Data entry clerk- The work of data entry offers a flexible schedule.  It does not require any skills training or investment in any kind of equipment.  It is basically entering the information onto the computer. The work requires basic skills in computer, knowledge of typing, etc.

Coder- Programming code requires good skills. If you have learned computer language for writing for apps or software, there are many free learning online sites where you can sharpen your skills. Once you have done that, you can choose to be a freelance coder as there is a high demand for it. You need to be meticulous and detail-oriented to be successful in this field.



4 Common Cryptocurrency Scams That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

4 Common Cryptocurrency Scams That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Ever since the introduction of the cryptocurrencies, the people’s viewpoint about the financial world has changed! What was once thought as the less-secured field is now viewed as the most secured field with the backing of the one and only Blockchain technology and therefore, people are more interested in knowing and owning the cryptocurrencies for their brighter financial future, undoubtedly! While this is in every way an appreciable intention, one shan’t overlook the presence of the scams and fraudulent services that utilize the situation in their favor to loot possible money, unfortunately!

Hence, to avoid being a victim to these shady services, it is necessary for you to be aware of the common frauds and scams that happen in the name of the cryptocurrency to stay away from them forever!

  • Shady cryptocurrency trading platforms

The trading is perhaps, the easiest way to own the cryptocurrencies and naturally, more people are inclined towards this way. While there are actually, very reliable automated cryptocurrency trading platforms that assist the traders with their genuine intention, there are also certain shady platforms like the Aurora Mine that can only cause more harm than doing any good to the eager cryptocurrency traders! Hence, to stay away from such harmful trading services, always look out for the genuine customer feedbacks and expert reviews before deciding to sign up for the service!


  • Fake Wallets

Your responsibility doesn’t end alone with owning some cryptocurrencies but, also, lies in the fact how you safeguard them by resorting to the services of the genuine wallets! While not every wallet is fake, understand, there are also fraudulent wallets in existence, whose only intention is to loot your precious cryptocurrency! Particularly, stay away from the random wallets on the play store, as there are more chances for you to be deceived in the name of wallet service!


  • Fraudulent ICOs

The Ethereum popularized the concept of relying on the ICOs to secure money for their project, which is now followed by most of the cryptocurrency start-ups! Eager investors are eying upon the best possible opportunity aka best possible ICO to invest and grow their money! Understanding this eagerness, several shady ICO practices are sprouting, without any doubt to loot the money of the investors! Hence, before blindly believing any and every ICO, go through their background, purpose, promises, roadmap and so on to make sure you have chosen only the reliable one!


  • Ponzi Schemes

Any cryptocurrency-based scheme that promises more than the actual returns and benefits is a Ponzi, from whom you are supposed to stay away from, always!

Turn Your Passion into Profit

Turn Your Passion into Profit

Not everyone is working in their dream career. Sometimes you accept a job and continue working in it because it pays you well. But after a while, you might feel like giving up on your job and look for pursuing your passion. There is nothing more interesting to have your job as your passion but the road towards this journey can be a difficult one. This article focuses on listing out tips that you can use to turn your passion into a business that can earn you good returns.

1) Decide your passion: Passion is something that makes you happy; a lawyer can be a passionate cook while a business can be passionate about life coaching. Everyone can have a different passion see what is yours.

2) What can you offer? We can see a lot of businesses nowadays. Some are very similar to others and hence cannot progress much. When you are looking for turning your passion into a business see what can you offer that is unique to your business. Like there can be a variety of restaurants in a city but each one has their own unique taste. Customers are attracted to uniqueness and so it important for a business to stand out from similar options.

3) Get help: Turning your passion into a business cannot be an easy thing. Most of the time, we are not even aware of our own good qualities. Seeking help from other businesses and experts is the best choice to go for. Read reviews and opinions from various websites like Alex reviews to gather information about various money-making businesses.

4) Bring in new ideas: Even pursuing your dream can get boring if you keep doing the same thing everything. Hence keep working on various ideas to keep your passion flowing, you never know you might find something more interesting than your current dream. Doing the same thing every day may cease your thinking process, so whenever possible take a break from your work and explore other options to work on.

5) Know about the industry: Before entering any new industry it is important to know how the industry works. Study all the details of the industry and see what best you can offer. If necessary, do some advanced studies like certification, online courses to enhance your passion for converting it into a business. There are many platforms that can provide you the quick and easy option to learn new skills.

Basics For Investing Or Spending Bitcoin

Basics For Investing Or Spending Bitcoin

Blockchain technology is considered to be a decentralized ledger technology used in widespread applications such as real estate, smart contracts, insurance, healthcare, etc. There are six ways explained about investing Bitcoin. They are as follows

1) Create public and private bitcoin address

The public address is used for receiving the bitcoin from the other people and the private address is used for the purpose of sending bitcoin to others. About 30 alphanumeric letters are used in the public address which starts either with 1 or a 3. Whereas private address is found to be longer and it starts with 5 or a 6. These addresses or keys are created by your wallet. They are in the form of QR code and the payment for the products and the services are done by scanning the code.

2) Online purchase by bitcoin                           

Bitcoin is accepted as a payment by the online retailers such as Microsoft, overstock, and OKCupid. The acceptance of bitcoin as payment by retailers and service provider is increasing day by day.

3) Convert bitcoin into a gift card

Like the website Gyft, many websites are available for accepting bitcoin as the payment for a gift card. It is available online and for retailers such as Amazon, and target. Those are who are buying gift card by using bitcoin is rewarded and also discounts offered.

4) Hold bitcoin for value to increase

Reviews of Cryptocurrencies are found to be volatile and so waiting for its vale to be increased is an almost risky investment. But if you are having well knowledge about the market and you are watching it carefully means more profit can be obtained. Some of the companies or websites are found to be a scam and be aware of that websites and companies they will be claiming a doubling of bitcoin with the high-interest rate. They will help you to invest your bitcoin to great profit. For a few months you may get a good rate but after that, it will be dropped. Like that of stock and commodities, day trading can be done in bitcoin also. But for this, you should have well knowledge and experience to be successful.

5) Charitable donations in bitcoin

Various charities and nonprofit organizations are accepting the cryptocurrencies as a donation. Nearly 15 organizations are found be accepting bitcoin for the donation and the lists are published in the websites.

6) Find local merchants accepting bitcoin

Due to the popularity of the bitcoin, most of the retailers are accepting as payment. Local merchants are accepting bitcoin and in online bitcoin logos along the credit card logos will be found.