Alex Reviews Stella and Dot

Alex Reviews Stella and Dot

Digital income has extensively influenced people in today’s world. It has become a go-to technique for earning money in a swift way. It ranges from extensive techniques in learning to market. Right now a methodology called the Multi-Level Marketing is making rounds. It is emphasizing the process of newer marketing strategies in the money making process.

What is MLM?

It deals with the role of recruits in the market. If a company sells the products directly to the consumer, then it is legitimate Multi-Level Marketing. The sales take place in a direct fashion rather than going through multiple levels. Instead, when there is a situation where the items are sold to people recruited specially to be sold to the distributors thereby increasing their sales. This is widely called illegitimate Multi-Level Marketing.

Stella and Dot is a home jewelry venture where multiple people are recruited mainly for designing and creating it and then selling it on the platform of S&D.  It enables women to work from their homes thereby helping them financially, and they do not have to have fixed working hours and take their time out from their daily routine. It provides an ideal job for stay-at-home moms with an interest in fashion and jewelry.

Stella and Dot according to Alex

The MLM opportunity provided by Stella and Dot aims to provide different packages to the users according to which they will have to create jewelry in a specific price range.

  • Ultimate kit: expensive package where the designer should pay a down payment in order to start their jobs of designing high-end jewelry with a more fashionable design and a higher price is designed.
  • More Love kit: an average case where more a medium priced jewelry and the down payment is not too expensive.
  • Essentials kit: Basic Kit, in order to design a basic and simple jewelry.

Compensation for the designers is around 25% of the commission in the designs they have sold. Of course, the designers should invest a bit to get their designs to take off fast and easy. And most of the times business becomes dull after the hype in the beginning.

It is imperative that since the given opportunity is a better platform to showcase the talent and earn money at the same time the designers should try to use it to the maximum. Read here for more on Alex Reviews.